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One of the transgender women, said: "The police get a bonus if they were 10 transgender arrest. The reward is a trip of your choice. We are here in Istanbul, as it were hunted by the police!"

Husniye Yildz, the documentary filmmaker, is a 31 year old wife of a Kurdish-Dutch origin. She lives from her seventh in the Netherlands. She just finished her training in journalism in Utrecht and is also a freelance photographer for Reuters.
Through the lens of her camera, let us Husniye fascinating stories of four transgender women who put their life on camera doing.

The gay community itself, lack of information on this group, because the concept of gender identity is not obvious. Even gays and transgender people themselves have not enough understanding. Through this documentary she hopes to create more understanding for the difflculties of transgender women.
A deliberate selection within this group was created. Part documentary, Istanbul - Turkey recorded in Amsterdam and the other part to the difference clearer mind for viewers, but also for the workers.

Lena, Sevval Kilic, Seyhan Arman and Yesim Yildiz participated in documentary. After the expiry of the documentary will Husinye and one of the participants her experience with us.

Date: Wednesday, July 11
Time: run from 18.00
Location: Oudeschans 2 - Amsterdam

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